CEE Gender Network signatory of civil society 6th Scenario for a Sustainable Europe for its Citizens

Influential European civil society organizations have sent an open letter to EC President Jean –Claude Juncker and leaders of EU institutions, proposing their  sixth scenario vision of European development towards 2030.

Click to access 6th_scenario_future_of_europe.pdf

CEE Network for Gender Issues is one of the signatories focusing on social policy and gender equality for sustainable development. The signatories who are a diverse set of actors that make up the Transition Movement, invite European state and non-state actors, to ‘rethink Europe’ in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals, building on the working paper they prepared on “Transforming Our Europe”, inspired by the UN Agenda 2030 Transforming Our World.

Transforming Our Europe” presents a new narrative of an ‘ambitious Europe’ which puts the EU in a position of global leadership prepared to lead the re-orientation of globalization and the effective implementation of the UNSDG 2030 Agenda. The European Union’s commitment to fighting climate change can only be achieved within the context of the SDG framework to be able to fully implement the Paris agreement. Sustainable development is not a fortunate byproduct of climate action; it is its organizing principle. The paper includes proposals for EU governance to better serve its citizens so that no one should be left behind.

Read article:  Leida Rijnhout and Paul de Clerck | Friends of the Earth Europe

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